Social Change Leader

Ekemini Akpakpan

Social Change Leader

I am Ekemini (e-kay-mi-ni) – a Nigerian Social impact Leader. I developed a passion for international development as an undergrad when it suddenly dawned on me that nobody is coming to save me – not even the government. But I also realized no one is stopping me from realizing my full potential. You may be wondering, what has this got to do with anything? Well, this is how I found ‘me’ – which is significant to getting to know me.

I began my social impact career in a community-based organization for Youth development which I was invited to co-found in 2011. Being in a rot – homeless, I was in no position to save anyone, but inspired to channel my full potential this gave me an opportunity to shine a light on other young people’s potential. For 3 years, I led the organization’s flagship program which undertook projects including the international day of the African Child – furnishing school libraries and teaming up with the state technical education board and publishers to provide school supplies and scholarships.

I joined African Women in Leadership Organization in 2015 to support the organizational building process which led to establishing the International Administrative Headquarters in 2017. In line with the organization’s strategic vision, I played a key role in the strategic planning, operational planning, organizational development, programs strategy, and new business development, spanning its strategic business units in 15 countries.

After 5 years, and becoming a General Manager I transitioned to other organizations, and presently head the operations of Women Impacting Nigeria. My lived experiences have shaped my work – being a girl who has been a positive deviant of gender stereotypes I believe every girl can do the same. Also, compelled by the need for sustainable African non-profits; I contribute to building rock-solid systems for non-profits.

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